Sunday, March 27, 2011

I noticed the other day that FamilySearch had added a new database of use to those with Hungarian and Slovakian ancestors. They added the Slovakia Church Books, 1592-1910 database on March 22nd. I've personally been making great use of these records. The father-in-law of a friend of mine came from this area, along with various noble cousins of mine. I know these records can seem daunting to the researcher unversed in Hungarian or Slovakian research. The fact that the borders and names of towns changed constantly can give you a headache, too. I decided that creating a guide to these records would not only help me, but would help other researchers as well. I'm going to create a separate guide (blog post) for each religion.

Quick links to the other guides: 

This guide is focused on the Reformed church records within this database. 

NOTE: I have found four (4) errors within this database. Four towns are listed in the Evangelical church records in the database, that are NOT Evangelical. They are Reformed church records. These towns can be found in the Evangelical guide. They are the following towns:

Čiližská Radvaň, Dunajská Streda District
Kľúčovec, Dunajská Streda District
Veľký Meder, Dunajská Streda District
Diakovce, Šaľa District

The Reformed church records guide begins here:

Slovakian: Dunajská Streda
Hungarian: Duna-Szerdahely
Parish: Comprised of the following villages:
Slovakian: Dolný Štál
Hungarian: Alistál
Original County: Pozsony
Alistál, Felistál, Tönye
Slovakian: Mad (should be Dolný Bar)
Hungarian: Mad
Original County: Pozsony
Al-Bár, Hegybene-Éte, Kis-Bár, Mad, Pódafa, Töbör-Éte,
Slovakian: Okoč
Hungarian: Ekecs
Original County: Komárom
Slovakian: Orechová Potôň
Hungarian: Diós-Patony & Förge-Patony
Original County: Pozsony
Diós-Patony, Förge-Patony, Szent-Mihályfa
Slovakian: Padáň
Hungarian: Padány
Original County: Pozsony
Bögellő, Padány
Slovakian: Sap
Hungarian: Szap
Original County: Győr
Nyárad, Szap
Slovakian: Šamorín
Hungarian: Somorja
Original County: Pozsony
Bácsfa, Búcsúháza, Királyfia, Tejfalu, Vajka
Slovakian: Vydrany
Hungarian: Hódos
Original County: Pozsony
Duna-Szerdahely, Hódos, Kis-Udvarnok, Nagy-Abony, Nagy-Udvarnok, Sik-Abony
Slovakian: Galanta
Hungarian: Galánta
Slovakian: Jelka
Hungarian: Jóka
Original County: Pozsony
Bél-Magyar, Bél-Német, Bél-Vatta, Hegy-Súr, Jóka, Kis-Borsa, Nagy-Borsa, Vajas-Vatta
Slovakian: Komárno
Hungarian: Komárom
Slovakian: Číčov
Hungarian: Csicsó
Original County: Komárom
Slovakian: Sokolce
Hungarian: Lak-Szakállas
Original County: Komárom
Slovakian: Zemianska Olča
Hungarian: Nemes-Ócsa
Original County: Komárom
Slovakian: Senec
Hungarian: Szempcz, Szencz
Slovakian: Reca
Hungarian: Réthe
Original County: Pozsony
Slovakian: Šaľa
Hungarian: Vág-Sellye
Slovakian: Neded
Hungarian: Negyed
Original County: Nyitra
Slovakian: Selice
Hungarian: Szelőcze
Original County: Nyitra
Slovakian: Vlčany
Hungarian: Farkasd
Original County: Nyitra


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