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Hungarian Genealogy: Research Tip #11

The theme of today's tip is: 'Notes' On A Record

The one thing I will always emphasis on, is reviewing the actual parish records. A great deal of information can be uncovered about the family simply by just looking at their baptismal, marriage and death/burial records. One thing that is always a pleasant surprise, is later-written notes indicating a marriage, death and even possibly a name change. The remainder of this article
will be the examination of the various 'notes' that can appear on church and civil records. I hope it makes you pay close attention to the entirety of your family's records.

This excerpt was taken from the 'comments' (észrevételek) column on a baptismal record from 1854 in the Reformed parish of Szentmihály in Szabolcs megye, Hungary. It states that mother of the child was the same Alfödi Juliánna whose legitimate husband was Nácsa János; but they have not lived together for two years. Recorded by the pastor, Szalai István.
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Hungarian Family Name Encyclopedia

An interesting discovery today on the internet! I found this publication written by Mihály Hajdú which contains approximately 1,230 of the most common surnames up to the 19th century. In addition to explaining the frequency of the surname, it also explains the surname's origin, meaning and spelling variations. Surnames of other common languages such as German, Slovak and Romanian is also provided.

You can find the publication HERE.