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Hungarian Genealogy: Research Tip #9

The theme of today's tip is: Military Record References

Through-out Hungarian research, it isn't uncommon to come across a notation on a baptism, marriage or death record that mention a soldier's military service. A very large majority of the notations mostly appear on the marriage record of the individual. Within this article, I'm going to show you examples and discuss how to interpret these notes.

I'm going to begin with a notation from a marriage record that's very important to me. It's from the marriage record of my 3rd-great-grandparents, József Gombás & Zsuzsánna Gulyás. It was one of the first records I ever found, when I began my own genealogy research well over 13 years ago.

"Férfi, Gr. Pállfy 14 huszár ezred 44 századábán káplár. Szül: 1845. Soroztarver 1866 14/3. Szabadság levele kelt Marburg 1869 29/10 (:Jelentetett:)"
The above is an image and transcription of the notes from the marriage record of József Gombás & Zsuzsánna Gulyás.…