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Updates: September-October 2012

A lot of new marriage records have been added in the past two months; 3,229 to be exact! Here is a run-down of all the new information added to Hungary Exchange from September and October:

Surname Database:
Batári, Bernát, Gál, Györke, Kobak, Komolai, Nemes, Németh, Varga, Virág

Hungarian Marriage Project:
Borsod County, Berente - Reformed, 1783-1895, 367 marriages
Borsod County, Gelej - Reformed; 1740-1895, 1,853 marriages
Szabolcs County, Dombrád - Reformed; 1773-1809; 339 marriages
Szabolcs County, Takta-Kenéz - Reformed; 1735-1895; 670 marriages