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Hungarian Genealogy: Research Tip #6

The theme of today's tip is: Reusing Children Names.

This topic was brought up recently by a member of our Hungary Exchange Facebook group, so I thought I would discuss it a little bit. Make sure to check out the group and join us in the discussions!

It's a very sad topic to discuss, but it's an extremely crucial part of genealogy. If you have ancestors that came from Europe, odds were that within their family they probably had an infant child pass away young, and they named a newborn child after them. It was the family's way of keeping that specific first name going on, whether it be of someone from their immediate family or not.

Off hand, I knew of a great example. It was a family from the village of Tiszadob, where my 2nd-great-grandmother was born. I don't believe I am blood-kin to this specific family, but they do have a Szabó surname in their ancestry, which I also have from Tiszadob. Unfortunately, the records don't go back far enough for me to accurate…