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Hungarian Genealogy: Research Tip #10

The theme of today's tip is: Conducting Research In Church Parish Registers

A pattern has begun to emerge in the Hungary Exchange Facebook group, where members have only been using indexed data found on various websites such as and As fantastic as this information is, you cannot use this raw indexed data as a definitive and primary source. You need to view and analyze the actual documents where the indexed data came from, as it'll hold very important information about your ancestors and it may hold crucial clues to moving your family tree backward. This post will be my way of urging my fellow researchers to view these important records now rather than later. Procrastinating will likely lead you to having a family tree chock full of errors.

Spellings Errors:
We are only human and we make spelling errors all the time, especially when it comes to a foreign language. Data indexed on and is no stranger to this. I come acr…